Gallery quality paintings for authentic spaces.

My paintings are the language of collective expression. I believe all people are connected and when we quiet our minds we can tap into a place that unites all living things. As an artist I encourage you to contemplate the subtleties of life.

The Art of Balance paintings have been selected for juried exhibitions and publication. Below are a few.

Paintings from the Art of Balance have been recognized by a number of reputable jurors. These paintings are Red Is Love's Color, Joyful, Blue Is Deepest, Tipsy, and A Fine Balance to name a few. 10 pieces can be viewed on who features many of the world's leading artists.

  • Art Seen Magazine

    The Art of Balance featured in Summer 2022 edition.

  • Womens Caucus for the Arts

    Exhibiting "A Fine Balance" and speaking at Finding Common Ground In An Uncommon World.

  • Circle Arts Competition

    1 of 60 Finalists out of 320 Entries for Free Exhibition Space at Art Expo New York.

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