Painting Brave.

Beauty gives us hope and that is something we need on a daily basis.

"Mystified" Abstract mixed media acrylic painting.
Modern expressive abstract mixed media acrylic painting on wrapped canvas in blues and greens.

Humanity needs hope and beauty.

Be Authentic. There is only one you! Be you to your fullest. The only person you can do well is you. I am (mostly) a self taught artist with degrees in psychology and sociology. When I started on my artistic journey later in life, I made the intentional choice to gather tools and information in an exploratory way. I am influenced and inspired by others, but I also know that what is important for me is to be authentic and expressive in only the way that I can be.

Each work of art on my site is an authentic original. What that means to you is artwork that is viewed as it was intended to be. It means real paint on real canvas or paper which is the only way to experience the true color and texture as it was intended. It means you can see and feel the artist’s touch. Collecting original art for your home is an investment that outlives and often increases over the value of average prints and reproductions which often end up in yard sales.

Read about what I am working on. Read about what I am reading. Look at my artwork. Purchase art directly from me, and Contact me for commissions, and collaborations. I welcome you to take a few minutes and look around. Artwork is organized by genre and can be purchased directly from me on this site via Paypal.