Painting Brave.

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A common question people ask of artists is “Where do you get your inspiration”?  Moments of inspiration come at various unpredicted moments. I most commonly find insight, answers, and inspiration in the moment of half sleep and half wake in the morning before I even open my eyes.

The above pictures illustrate a moment of inspiration I had.  I was sitting at the dining table with my husband listening to him talk about work when I just couldn’t stop being drawn to this tulip which was hanging onto it’s petals in the last moments of it’s life while the sun illuminated it from within it seemed.  Such a moment of fragility was in front of me. I could have sneezed and it would have dropped it’s petals.

While I mmm-hmmed to my husband still listening if only a little bit, I gently stole away to grab my phone and take a picture.  It was a fleeting moment of delicacy captured just in time. Moments later petals began to drop, the last bits of strength in it’s fibers breaking away.  That was a moment. The next day I painted “Handle with Care”.

Another eloquent life analogy gifted by a flower and observed at just the right moment in time. That’s creative inspiration.

girl hand with red and blue paint

Photo by Itati Tapia on

I don’t have a creative bone in my body. How many times have you heard people say it? How many times have you said it? Every time I hear these words, my visceral response is no! Not true!  Life itself is a creative act!  What I think people mean is “I can’t draw”.  For most of us, our evaluation of our own ability to create came when we compared our first drawings against the incredibly practiced and/or gifted students in our classrooms.  Our first assignments are to draw from objects.  The more your drawing looks like the object the better artist you are, right?

Wrong! I wish every student’s first art lesson was being allowed to explore art supplies. Choose from colors that are personally exciting, choose from media that behave in all sorts of ways. Choose papers with different weights and textures. Create simple shapes, forms, and scribbles and be taught to love the unique expression that comes forth.  Discovery unearths our creativity. Linking ideas together in unique ways is finding your creative voice.

My first formal artistic experiences were trying to make a likeness of some thing. When I could not do this on my first, second, or third try, my feelings were of failure and my conclusion was I can’t make art. This was so at odds with the intense pleasure I felt looking at colors of pastels and paints. The experience of each texture was so satisfying. Watching the paint run and make art on its own was exciting and mysterious.

I’m sure there are many of you with creativity seeping out of you any way possible in the meals you cook, the walls you paint, the gifts you wrap, and gardens you grow. In the wardrobes you curate, the fonts you pick, and the things you design and build.  And how about all of the daily problems you solve?  The way you teach others? All of it is your creative bend. Your unique expression. And it has nothing at all to do with being able to draw a straight line. It has everything to do with being brave and allowing your instincts to flow. And that, is some scary stuff!  More on that next time. For now, instead of saying you are not creative you might ask yourself how does my creativity express itself?