My hands with paintbrushes.

Creating my art requires mindfulness. The work calls and I have to listen carefully to know how to respond in kind. Painting puts me in touch with that quiet inner voice that lies beneath the surface of daily activity. I believe we are all part of a collective conscience and if we quiet our minds and slow down long enough we can tap into that place that holds answers and unites all living things.

When I make art I process feelings and ideas and express them visually. I hope to elicit thought and inspiration. Art encourages us to take notice and go deeper. As an artist, I ask you to contemplate possibility.

“What If?” guides my process. Perception and sensitivity are my super powers. I lose myself exploring possibilities and experiencing new things. Answering “What if?” delights me as I explore art materials and create new work. It is magical watching one expression lead to the next.

I follow the energy of color and how shapes relate to each other. Texture and line evoke emotion and create mystery.

I am a mixed media abstract painter who begins by applying a variety of marks and colors to the surface creating visual chaos. Over time I impose order on the chaos and move into a resolution stage. I am influenced and inspired by American post war abstract painters. I am moved to integrate both expressionist techniques and hard line compositions.