My paintings blend systematic geometry with organic textures. I intuitively build the foundation of the painting with thick layers of paint and then sand them back to reveal what emerges spontaneously. Each painting reveals its own surprises this way and becomes a give and take process with the artwork. My experienced eye looks for interesting textures, lines, and shapes to build on.

The second stage of the painting is much more organized and methodical. I create new shapes or reuse old ones to find a composition that plays well with the foundation. The intentional compositions are all non representational but still come to represent an idea or mood.

Painting requires mindfulness. The work calls and I listen carefully to know how to respond in kind. Painting puts me in touch with that quiet inner voice that lies beneath the surface of daily activity.

I am a mixed media abstract painter. I am influenced and inspired by American post war abstract painters. I am moved to integrate expressionist techniques and geometric compositions because I find them complementary and also because it satisfies my inclinations toward both.

My painting practice has been built upon my largely self guided education which includes, drawing, surface pattern design,oils, acrylics, and other mixed media over the past 15 years. I participate in juried exhibitions and currently have work represented by two galleries. If you are interested in corporate projects I can connect you with my representative. Commissions welcome.

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Bernadette Youngquist Studio Photo