Collection: Recollections

This series is a contemplation of the youthful view of life through rose colored glasses. Pink represents traditional female roles in society with hopes of love, marriage, and children. Gold is the warmth and sunshine that we experience when our hopes and expectations are met. Gray is the necessary counter balance that punctuates our lives with moments of pain and sorrow. The art reflects the soft, the hard, and everything in between that creates a real and true human experience.

What collectors are saying.

The "Art of Balance" series speaks to the need for art that is calming and contemplative in a world struggling through so much trauma. We bought her stunning piece "Justice" captivated by its rich color and Zen-like balance. It balances a mystical beauty with a centering energy in way only achieved through fine art. We love this painting! -Rob and Lynn Schwebach

“Just ordered a gorgeous shawl. The scarves, shawls and dusters are my favorites because when I travel, in order to travel light I pack a few neutral bases and lots of different overlays and jewelry.”
Barbara Ehren

“I love the wrap around dress I ordered. It is so flattering because the high quality material is of a thickness and weight that wraps and hangs smartly and smoothly. The original art is eye-catching and the colors are lovely and provide so many options for accessories and jackets. I can wear this dress for formal or informal occasions which makes it so versatile.”
Maria Eisemann