Time, Space, and the Art of Balance.

Time, Space, and the Art of Balance.

It has been a busy few months for me. I’ve never understood why summer days are called the “lazy days” . It probably was true when we did not have air conditioning and the heat forced us to stop, pour a glass of lemonade, and sit in the shade of the front porch. I am looking forward to this winter when things actually do slow down in my world. The last few months have provided me with many art events which I am grateful for. I have had various experiences showing my work in different settings. I just finished up the local artist studio tour and sale which is a great event in which I was able to meet and connect with many of you. I will continue to participate in upcoming juried exhibits and competitions, however I learned the importance of being alone in my own space physically and metaphorically. “Space” is essential to processing life and creating new art that feels meaningful.

I have also learned that thoughtful and creative space is what I most enjoy. It is important to gauge my work with some measure of comparison by participating and exhibiting in public venues and for financial means. However, moving forward, I am intentionally prioritizing the former.

Being present on the art scene is important to connecting with other artists and patrons who can appreciate and discuss art. I also value the honest sentiments that other creatives share as a means of personal and artistic growth.
Creativity is about being sensitive to your environment, processing it in a unique way, and expressing it to create connection with other humans. Making art is about putting hope into the world.I envy the artists of yesteryear who were, for the most part, unseen as they thoughtfully created new work over long periods of time only to emerge a couple of times a year for exhibition. I admire the abstract expressionist Clifford Still. He made art his whole life but protected his space by not showing in galleries and exhibitions. Some see that as unfortunate but I think I understand it. I have been dancing to the tune of social media which requires daily posting and chasing the latest algorithm. It is incompatible to my process as an artist and to who I am as an individual.

During the last week I have had the space to get back into the routines of daily life and I find it is the ideal time to think about and process all of the information I absorb on a daily basis.

Nights have become chilly. Dark comes much earlier and I am happy to get in my warm bed and read the stack of art and spiritual growth books on my nightstand. For me, this is the really good stuff.

As we move into the holiday season there will be an increase in activity. I will be moving through this time by prioritizing what is essential and meaningful. I will continue to be a student of the art of balance and being present.

I always welcome your constructive thoughts on my pondering so please feel free to email me if something resonates with you, touches you, or just makes you feel a little more connected to humanity.

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