Just Beneath the Surface Abstract Acrylic painting.

The Power of Art

When we look for beauty and inspiration we are more likely to find it. When we take pause in those discoveries we make space for more ease in our lives. An inspiring moment can lift your spirit when you take a moment to observe it when it appears. Most often, I find these moments in nature. A sunrise of spectacular color and light, golden leaves against a deep blue sky, or the unexpected showing up of a bird rarely spotted. Nature provides us with an abundance of opportunities to take pause and appreciate the gifts around us. Sometimes it jolts us into taking notice while providing a gentle reminder about what is truly important in our lives.
Next to nature, I find that art prompts me to pause and connect with what’s happening beneath the surface of daily activity. Music immediately connect us to an emotion. A beautifully crafted sentence in a poem or written passage can cause us to stop reading and reflect on a few profound words that resonates deep inside of us. I often marvel at the impact of a well written sentence. The color and shapes in a painting can leave one awestruck at creativity and it’s unlimited possibilities.
What’s more, the moments in which we connect more deeply can set a new series of thoughts in motion. We might have insight into a confusing situation. It is in the space that we recognize solutions to what’s troubling us. A moment of inspiration gives the simple assurance that everything will be okay.
I heard an expression recently that made me laugh. “Don’t be a grievance waiting to happen”. What if we went through the day giving voice to beautiful moments instead of our grievances?
If you are not already in the habit, I encourage you to acknowledge and give voice to something that you find beautiful or inspiring every day.
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