Stuck in the Middle.

The middle of the painting is a term any painter immediately identifies with. Also known as the dreaded middle of the painting, or the “this sucks” or even “I suck” stage of the painting. The spot where spontaneity and freedom transition to questions and critical decision making. The place where creating is work and not […]

What were you thinking when you painted that?

This is a common question painters are asked, particularly of abstract work. The more important question is what are you thinking as you look at that? What are you feeling? For myself, I say, it often has nothing to do with what I was thinking about and everything to do with what lies beneath the […]

Where do you get your inspiration?

A common question people ask of artists is “Where do you get your inspiration”?  Moments of inspiration come at various unpredicted moments. I most commonly find insight, answers, and inspiration in the moment of half sleep and half wake in the morning before I even open my eyes. The above pictures illustrate a moment of […]

Welcome our new babies. Apparently they are here to stay.

So this is the view from my studio today! Help us welcome 5 new baby goslings to our little paradise on the lake.  You can’t detect the mix of delight and dread in my voice right now but it’s here, just as these fuzzy little cuties are here. Just a week ago a neighbor and […]


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About Me

Hi, I’m Bernadette. I am an artist who is continually asking the question “what if”? I find my way as I go. I love to explore possibility. Painting process is an uncanny metaphor for life process.

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