I’m Bernadette.

I have arrived where I am by finding out the answer to the most important question. “What If”? Perception and sensitivity are my super powers. I thrive on exploring possibilities. Answering this key question is the delight of my exploration of art materials. It is magical how one expression on paper leads to the next.

What is the art about?

My art process is all about curiosity.

Answering the little questions like what if I put that sofa over there to the big questions like what if I change my response to this situation is what guides me. I use the same process when I approach a painting.

Water is essential.

Born under the water sign Cancer, under a full moon pulling at the tides, and beside the ocean I spent my formative years waiting to play by the sea. Now I live in landlocked Colorado, but on the lake where I recharge between painting and living.

My life feeds my creativity and my creativity feeds my life.

In my everyday life I am filled up by paying attention to the smallest things in nature like what a breeze feels like against my skin, the movement of water, and how the color of the trees look against the backdrop of the sky.

And so are art supplies.

I am a mixed media artist who uses ALL THE STUFF in my paintings. More materials means more possibilities. Multiple layers of acrylic paint, house paint, charcoal, art crayons, oil pastels, acrylic inks, and pencils are some of my favorite materials.

In Action

I exhibit work.

I very much enjoy creating series for exhibition. Working in a series allows me to take an idea to it’s full potential. A series can grow from one small technique that excites me.

I am building my own collection of original art from real living artists.

I love to collect work from other artists that moves and excites me. If I connect with an artist I follow them on social media and look for opportunities to view and potentially purchase something. When I sell work, I look for something to buy from another artist in turn.

To see more, Start here.

I sell from my website.

My work is available here to purchase from me directly and safely through PayPal. You will find more information on the Contact and FAQ page. Of course, all of the work I make does not get posted. I am happy to start a dialogue and talk about other projects.

I invite possibilities.

I know there are infinite possibilities out there. If you are someone who has a project you think I might be interested in please don’t hesitate to ask me “What If”?

Let’s explore the possibilities.