The importance of art right now.

Every empty canvas holds a million possibilities. As an artist I feel grateful to be reminded of this every time I show up to work. I have been reminded of the roles artists play in our society and have come to fully appreciate that what we do is much more than just make things. Really believing that has helped me to more fully embrace what I do. If you are an artist I don’t have to tell you that you are wired to be a little more sensitive that the the average person. While this brings many challenges to our lives and probably to the live of the people who love us, it also gives us the ability to express thoughtful and sensitive work. The very act of painting, writing, or making music requires a heightened sensitivity to the tools that we use to make our art. During times like the ones we are living now artists are observing, interpreting, inspiring, influencing and connecting people. Artist are helping to move people through history and recording history simultaneously. Here are some of the roles artists play in our society.

Inspirer Artists live in a world of possibility. Creativity is about bringing something into the world that was only imagined a moment before.

Interpreter Artists can absorb experiences and communicate them in ways that other people understand and relate to. Sometimes the messenger can make all the difference. Somebody might awaken to an idea or thought because it was expressed by that artist in a way they can relate too.

Observer Artists notice details. Creating and making requires attention to detail. Individuals have there own sensitivity to the details they notice. They present them in their own unique way.

Influencer Artists have a point of view. What an artist is expressing is their own point of view. They put ideas out in to the world in attractive and unique ways which is what we all love! We all love the shiny bright new and different thing!

Connector Artists connect people with people, disparate ideas, and people with ideas. Have you ever looked at a piece of abstract art and said “that looks like…” or listened to a piece of music and felt “this takes me back to” or read a passage and thought “I’ve had that experience”? Have you watched a film with someone and had a shared experience? Artists bring all sorts of people together for concerts, art exhibits, films, and book signings. The thing all the people have in common is the artistic experience.

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