So this is the view from my studio today! Help us welcome 5 new baby goslings to our little paradise on the lake.  You can’t detect the mix of delight and dread in my voice right now but it’s here, just as these fuzzy little cuties are here.

Just a week ago a neighbor and his daughter came around in their canoe hunting for Canadian goose nests in the reeds around the lake.  We have been here just 6 months and are still enchanted by every little thing that we see going on out our window, including the geese which have some not so delightful habits of eating your lawn and digesting on it at an incredible rate.  Yes, goose poop in volumes that are hard to fathom.  The reason our neighbors were looking for nests was to put corn in them which I am guessing attracts mammals to eat the corn and the unhatched eggs because once the eggs have hatched in a given location, those sweet little fuzzies will become permanent lawn eating, lawn pooping residents for the rest of their no longer cute lives.

We had been witnessing some territorial goose behavior on our little section of the lake last weekend which made me think back to the visit from our neighbor, but no.  Those geese did a pretty good job of keeping things under wrap until those babies hatched because sure enough, this is what I saw out my window when I went to work in my studio this morning.  It seems a bit late to do anything about it now.  My husband and I are big saps when it comes to any sort of wild life so I guess we will just be getting a goose pooper scooper.



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